University Research and Extension

Research Department


The University as a Regional Center of Excellence in R & D in Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Natural Resources as well as Social Sciences , generating relevant information and technologies, necessary to achieve people empowerment , sustainable development and global competitiveness.


To strengthen and maintain its regional leadership role in the generation, promotion and verification of appropriate technologies and relevant information.


  1. To sustain and strengthen University leadership role in the basic , applied and adoptive community and industry-based presearches in the region.
  2. To strengthen existing research linkages and establish new ones from both local and foreign intuitions.
  3. To prepare research agenda and coordinate research supports of the different colleges.
  4. To provide mechanisms conductive to policy environment in support to Research and Development activities.


The ISU, Department of Research and Development, is mandated to conduct research and other scholarly investigations in priority disciplines and key areas not only in improving institutional programs but also promote the development of the rural community and farmers through generation and verification of appropriate technologies for increased agro-industrial productivity as well as to seek new knowledge and/or alternatives for the maintenance of a balanced eco-system and for the improvement of professional services in support to regional development.