Campus Library

Campus Library

The Isabela State University Library was founded simultaneously with the merging of the former Isabela State College of Agriculture with the Cagayan Valley Institute of Technology on June 10, 1978 and transferring the college level courses of Isabela School of Arts and Trades, Jones Rural School, Roxas Memorial Agricultural and Industrial School and San Mateo Vocational and Industrial School to be known as the Isabela State University on January, 2002.

At present, the university has ten (10) campuses, each with its own campus library, and some with college libraries. These libraries are maintained primarily to serve the academic needs of students and faculty.

Location of the Different Library in the University

  1. Echague Campus(Main Library)
  2. Roxas Campus
  3. San Mateo Campus
  4. Ilagan Campus
  5. Cabagan Campus
  6. CauayanCampus
  7. Jones Campus
  8. Angadanan Campus
  9. San Mariano Campus
  10. Palanan Campus


  1. To provide organized collections of print and n0n-print resources which will meet institutional and instructional requirements as well as the individual needs of students;
  2. To create an environment in which resources are made readily accessible, not only through the provision of appropriate facilities, furnishings, equipment, and supplies, but particularly through the provision of adequate staff; and
  3. To facilitate learning and community services by providing services, resources and facilities which encourage and stimulate individualized instruction, independent study and effective use of resources by students, faculty and the community.


  1. To acquire books and other materials that will support and meet the needs, abilities and interest of students.
  2. To develop in the students and resourcefulness in the use of books and libraries and encourage the habit of personal investigation.
  3. To furnish the library with updated journals and basic reference materials needed.
  4. To satisfy the needs and demands of the users by implementing certain library standards in the area of library service.

Campus Library Resources

  1. Books
  2. Periodicals
  3. Thesis and Dissertations
  4. Newspapers Clippings
  5. Pictures
  6. Maps
  7. Electronic Publications
  8. Internet

Library Hour Services

Monday to Friday 7:00 am-5:00 pm(No noon break)

Admission to the Library

  1. All bonafide students of the institution who registered for library privileges and who secured student School Identification Card and Borrower's card.
  2. Officials, faculty members and employees of the institution.
  3. Alumni, members of the community and members of other educational institutions and other private individuals granted permission by the librarian.

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