Campus Guidance


It offers several services that will help students in discovering their abilities and potentials there by developing them to become well-rounded individuals.


  1. To provide guidance program and services aimed towards future achievements and success of students who are globally competitive
  2. To provide relevant programs and activities promptly to clients with university-widesupport.
  3. To provide accessible and comprehensive guidance services to clients and other stakeholders.


  1. To respond to the students’ common needs and concern and address these for the purpose of prevention, intervention, and referral as needed.
  2. To assist clients in the identification of right course as well as helping the planning, monitoring and managing educational, personal/ social and career development goals.
  3. To train students to become peer helpers and to reach out to more students who are in need and extend guidance services outside the campus by conducting outreach program to less fortunate individuals.
  4. To provide students with relevant data necessary to guide their choices and decisions through information services.
  5. To gather reliable information from the student profile and utilize data for studies to evaluate and improve guidance services, programs and activities.
  6. To assist students to know more about themselves, their potentials, aptitudes and limitations through interview and administration of psychological tests and facilitate self- awareness and self-acceptance.
  7. To provide students with programs and activities that would allow them to come up with solutions to their problems through training, seminar, for a and symposia.
  8. To provide expertise, knowledge and skills for parents, teachers and administrators as consultant as regard to clients’ peculiar needs.